Dusty Mush- Maccabé

In a dusty attic somewhere in Ile-de-France, basically the province or suburbyish region of sorts around Paris I suppose, this little psychedelic garage rock trio called Dusty Mush has crafted together a fun little 4 track EP called Tom Pitt’s Acid Trip as a follow up to their online release of a few excellently psychy demos back in fall of 2011. This tune, Maccabé, is taken from the EP and is a rather short but punchy little track chalk full of waywardly reverby vocals and a nice twangy lead guitar backing the drive of the main riff. Checkout the tune below, and then head over to their bandcamp page to buy the EP for only one Euro. Money generated from the sale of this EP will be going towards a soon to be released LP.

In case you’re wondering, “Tom Pitt”  from the title is indeed a play on A-list Actors Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as the band has already recorded and made a crazy music video for a tune on their demo release entitled “Brad Cruise”.  You can actually download “Brad Cruise” and their other demo releases from 2011 for free via their bandcamp page. Sweet!

But anywho, what if Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt actually really did have some sort of genetic hybrid offspring? Or used some kind of proton cannon to split each others atoms in half so as to be remixed into two new identities: Tom Pitt and Brad Cruise? Most of all, what would this mean for the Bradgelina duo and L. Ron Hubbard’s grandchildren? The world may never know.

Bandcamp Page
Facebook Page
Super Rad Music Video For “Brad Cruise”

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