The Venus Fly Trap One Girl Band- Trouble Girl

The Venus Fly Trap One Girl Band is in fact, as one might astutely gather from its rather descriptive title, a band composed of one chica singing her own vocals, strumming away at her guitar, and knocking away at the drums with her feet all at the same time. That’s some seriously rad multi-tasking! Ramona-Tornadita is her name, at least from what I could gather. And according to her official Soundcloud page, she’s from somewhere near the town of San Pedro del Cow, France. This of course is either by far and without a doubt one of the most amazingly titled names of any city, town, or village I have ever heard in all of my days, or purely just made up for sake of humor. A quick Google research revealed it to be the later, most likely. But in any case, she’s from somewhere in that wondrous country of France, and also seems to have a knack for quirky Spanish things as her nickname, Romana de la Muerte, seems to suggest.

Her track Trouble Girl, featured here in this post, is a self-released single of sorts made available on her Soundcloud page along with a few other tracks about four months ago. It is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground in some respects, particularly with its dreamy, mellow, and vibey guitar progressions, yet slightly different in that one can almost hear a slightly more pissed off and fierce version of Nico performing the lead vocals who, with a beer bottle in one hand and a guitar pick in the other, just very well might sock you in the nose for looking at her the wrong way and then sock you again for even thinking about ascribing various elements of Francoise Hardy’s style to that of Ramona merely because both are French. In all seriousness though, this song is a solid little number carried by Ramona’s uniquely fierce vocal style meshing well with the song’s raw nature and emotions. This of course is just one track, but to really see the mix of her style, be sure to checkout some of her other tunes available on The Venus Fly Trap One Girl Band soundcloud page.

If you’re digging this and some of the other awesome tunes she’s made available, stay posted to her Facebook and Soundcloud pages for updates. Also checkout another cool act she is involved with called Black Luna.


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