Proper Yarn Show On KRTU 91.7FM- July 8th, 2015


Proper Yarn Show: KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7FM 7/8/15 Playlist

Western Medication- Big City

Robert M. Rock- Mac’s Boogie (Airbreak Song)

Baby Jesus- Trembling Away
La Luz- You Disappear
Dry Heeves- The Creep
Mikey and the Drags- I’ve Got A Bottle

Grandmaster Flash- The Message— Instrumental (Airbreak Song)

Sports- Tiny Planets
Pow Wow Kids- That’s So Lame
Mind Spiders- You Are Dead
Upset- Glass Ceiling

Shoal Rana- Soul Sitar (Aibreak Song)

PHY- Where is the Sun
Future Spa- Next to You
Wild Smiles- Get Off My Back
Vitamin Pets- Somebody Called My Name

Gary Glitter- Rock n Roll pt. 2 (Airbreak Song)

Count Lenny- Pet
The Rotten Mangos- Moose Knuckles
Moonhearts- Shine
Flying Colours- Running Late

Joe DeAguero- Discovery Three (Airbag Song)

999- English Wipeout
Bass Drum of Death- Fine Lies

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