Proper Yarn Show On KRTU 91.7FM- July 22nd 2015


Nick Ivarra drumming for the Rich Hands– shot by Greg Gabrisch Photography

Proper Yarn Show: KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7FM 7/8/15 Playlist

On this week’s show, Nick Ivarra was very nice to come up to the station and share some of his favorite tunes from a variety of LPs and 45s. He’s a hardworking man of many hats here in the San Antonio community, and has done a lot to both help other artists and entertain San Antonians though the Rich Hands (drummer), the Oblio’s (guitarist), and an incredible project called Fuzzland Productions that is booking a wide range of amazing touring artists here in SA venues from LA Witch and AJ Davila to Heaters and Dirty Few.

Definitely give both of his bands a listen. And whether you are a resident here in San Antonio or not, absolutely check out Fuzzland (doubly so if you’re a garage/psych/punk oriented touring band looking to play SA).

(Nick’s Picks ++)

Fungi Girls- Dark Times

Orgone- Sophisticated Honky (Airbreak Song)

Adult Books- In Love Again  ++
Froth- Saccharrine Suneshine ++
The Rich Hands- Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Gary Low- You Are a Danger (Airbreak Song)

The Potential  Johns- Only Time ++
Tacocat- I am a Girlfriend (Nobunny Cover)
Lochness Mobsters- 2, 3, 4
Os Noctambulos- Outsider

Grandmaster Flash- The Message, Instrumental (Airbreak Song)

The Flesh Lights- Just About One ++
The Marked Men- Fix My Brain ++
The Marked Men- Going Crazy ++
The Bad Lovers- Acting Strange ++

O Mere Sona- Dance Time (Airbreak Song)

The Plateaus- Do It For You
Ranch Ghost- New News ++
Ranch Ghost- Ragged Miled ++
Adult Books- My Demo ++

Baja Marimba Band- Guacamole (Airbreak Song)

Check out this show Fuzzland is sponsoring at Limelight on August 7th! The Lochness Mobsters will be releasing their new record there too! Also, the Backbones are a brand new SA band, and this will be there first official show EVER!


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