Proper Yarn Show On KRTU 91.7FM- September 2nd, 2015

[4]RCA 76-DJ

Proper Yarn Show: KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7FM 9/2/15 Playlist

Bad Indians- Love and a Shovel
Leather Girls- Dear Deborah
Death- Keep On Knocking
Dikes of Holland- Sunrise
Cruising- You Made Me Do It

Voodooland- Our People
The Parrots- To the People Who Showed Me There Love While I Was Here
The Monsieurs- Shadow
Barbazons- Jake

Wild Balbina- Blue Hour
Catwalk- Please Don’t Break Me
Pink Teens- Shanghaied
Seapony- Saw the Light

OBN III’s– Wager My Heart
Wet Socks My Lights Are Out
Miami Doritos– Cut the Rope
Nicotine Nerves– Shoot Med Dead
Malcolm Yelvington- (Got Me A) Trumpet
PS: Absolutely go to this show at the Ten Eleven!

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