Proper Yarn Show On KRTU 91.7FM- September 16th, 2015


Proper Yarn Show: KRTU 91.7FM 9/16/15 Playlist

Black Lips- Time of the Scab
Bass Drum of Death- Shattered Me

Russian Red Army Choir- The Sacred War (air break song)

Colleen Green- Y Do You Call Me
Andy Human and the Reptoids- Blood On the Wall
Sonido Alfredo- Envidia

Los Mustang 66- Fuzz On (air break song)

The Yolks- I Wanna Be Dumb
Taulard- Les abords du lycée
Que Pasa- Blow Yr Heart Out

The Bucky Rage- Once Upon a Time In the Westened (air break song)

Loteria- Stone Road
Les Hou Lops- Quand on est amoureux
Cumstain!- Rock and Roll Don’t Pay My Bills

Donald Duck- Mr. Duck (That’s Donald!) (air break song)

Mandates- Photo In My Wallet
Panty Pantera- Prozac
Best Friends- Wasting Time

AA.VV.- Disco Baby (air break song)

The Be Helds- This World Ain’t Mine
Dry Heeves- Dirt Surf

AA.VV.- Disco Baby (air break song)

The Unbelievable Bargains- Old Man On a Bench With a Puppy
Neighborhood Brats- Year of the Brat
Le Kid & Les Marinellis- T’est Pas D’ici

Eurobeat- Max Mix (air break song)

John Wesley Coleman- A Clown Gave You a Baby
Allah-Las- The Other Place (Seeds Cover)

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