Proper Yarn Show On KRTU 91.7FM- September 16th, 2015


San Pedro El Cortez- Conjuro del Diablo

Franscesco de Masi- Diamond bossa nova (Air Break)

Empty Lima- Au Go Go
Los Tones- Buchanan Hammer
The Shanghais- Pretty Mean
The Hipshakes- T Shirt

Yodelin’ Slim Clark- Yodel Polka (Air Break)

Videoman- Screaming
The Felines- Jack & Coke
Maraudeur- Scorpio
Sloppy Kiss Soirée- Baby Sitar

The Peanuts- Una Sera di Tokyo (Air Break)

The Ganaschz- Violent Days
Jib Kidder- New Crimes
Claws & Organs- Alphabeti Spaghetti
Who & the Fucks- Hamvalanche

Bill Doggett- Honky Tonk Parts 1 & 2 (Air Break)

The Delphines- Half of a Century
Corners- The Grave
High Sunn- Long Distance
Blood Sound- Popular Girls

Lawrence Welk- Calcutta (Air Break)

Moses Campbell- And It’s Over 1
Islands & Tigers- Monday Night
Junkie- Your Favorite Thing

The Argons- Spiked (Air Break)

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