Stemming out of a radio show on KXLU 88.9FM in Los Angeles that broadcast until May of 2012, ProperYarn began as a music blog in Dallas during July of 2012  and has since evolved into a Youtube Channel, live event DJ, vehicle for assisting/sponsoring/promoting shows, and a San Antonio-based radio show on KRTU 91.7FM with playlists, posts, and artists spanning a variety of rock sub-genres, labels, and styles from all across the globe– no negative reviews, just good, fun, and upbeat vibes!

Above all, ProperYarn strongly values the creative rights and ownership of the artists and labels presented on this site and its related social media outlets. No infringement of these rights is intended, and any and all content will gladly be edited or removed if prompted by a request to ryan@properyarn.com. Please allow up to a full business day U.S. Central Standard Time for a response and appropriate action to be taken.

Note: Visitors to this site may see advertisements below blog entries, however all of these ads are put into place by WordPress itself as ProperYarn has not subscribed to the paid WordPress upgrade to “turn them off”. For more information on this subject, please feel free to visit this link.

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