Past Events

Saturday June 27th, 2015– K23 Gallery
Warm Soda, the Rich Hands, the Bolos, Mockingbird Express, and Babyfangs
Presented by K23 Gallery
DJ Sets from Proper Yarn


Monday June 15th, 2015– Ten Eleven
Cigarette Bums, Cosmostanza, the Pizza Thieves, and Frot Girls
Presented by ProperYarn and Fuzzland Productions

8pm dos

Friday May 22nd, 2015– Paper Tiger
Space Battle, Pleasure Venom, Filthy, and Junkie
Presented by Proper Yarn


Monday April 20th, 2015– The Korova
Children of Pop, Delenda, and Pagan Gold vs Zerktronic
Presented by ProperYarn

Saturday April 11th, 2015– Arneson River Theatre
DJ Set at Maverick Music Festival



Wednesday April 8th, 2015– K23 Gallery
The Van Allen Belt, Tides, Les Zombies, Varrin Menchen
Presented by ProperYarn


Sunday March 22nd and Monday March 23rd
Thee Oh Sees, Jeff the Brotherhood, the Coathangers, & More


Monday March 16th– 502 Bar
Fuzzland Productions Presents:
The Lolipop Records Caravan with
Tele Novela, Blood Sister, Cobalt Cranes
Adult Books, Kim & the Created
With DJ Sets from ProperYarn


Sunday March 16th– K23 Gallery
K23 Gallery Presents:
Monogold, Dead Leaf Echo, Bloody Knives, and Femina-X (House Music Pre-selected by PY)

Saturday March 7th– The Korova
Fuzzland Productions Presents:
Los Rips, Ants, Baby Fangs, The Oblio’s
With DJ Sets From Proper Yarn


Monday March 2nd, 2015– HiTones
Proper Yarn Presents:
The Rotten Mangos, Lochness Mobsters, Flower Jesus, Fishbrain


Sunday March 1st, 2015
A Place To Bury Strangers, Creepoid, Hundred Visions
With DJ Sets from Proper Yarn

February 27th, 2015– Rosella Coffee Company
SATX Music Presents: Snowbyrd
With DJ sets from Proper Yarn


Friday February 6th– K23
Yippee Ki Yay Records Presents:
Those Howlings (Tape Release), Adam Widener, The Rich Hands, the Bolos, & Garrett T. Capps
With DJ sets from ProperYarn


Monday February 2nd– HiTones
ProperYarn Presents:
Loafers, Junkie, & Kill Liberal


Friday January 30th– Hi Tones
Proper Yarn Presents:
TV Girl, Femina-X, The Rotten Mangos, Tides
$5 at the door, 21+, doors at 9pm


Saturday January 24th– Limelight
The Sour Notes, Creatura, & the Bolos
With DJ sets from Proper Yarn


Friday January 23rd– Tequila Island
Que Pasa, the Bolos, & Junkie
With DJ sets from Proper Yarn

50s Que Pasa A

Monday January 12th– Hi Tones
Proper Yarn Presents:
Los Rips, the Beers, & Mountain Meets Water


Friday December 19th– Korova
The Cosmonauts, Holy Wave, Creatura, & DJ ProperYarn

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.45.00 AM

Friday December 5th– Sam’s Burger Joint
Noveau Richie Records Presents
Femina-X, Lonely Horse, and Fishermen
With DJ ProperYarn


Friday December 1st– Cafe Rev
ProperYarn and Nick Ivarra Present
Santoros, Pyshcomagic, The Oblio’s, and The Beers
DJ Sets from the Bolos

yella2 2

Friday November 28th, 2014– Limelight
Joe’s Birthday Party w/ Slick Dickens
DJ ProperYarn all night

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 5.30.44 PM

Tuesday November 25th– Limelight
Proper Yarn Tuesday (DJ Set)


Friday November 21st– The Mix
Creatura, The Sun Machine, Mountain Meets Water, The Lochness Mobsters
FB Event:


Saturday November 15th– Limelight
Allah-Las, Tashaki Miyaki, Creatura, DJ Proper Yarn


Friday November 14th– HiTones
The Bolos EP Release
The Bolos, Those Howlings, Lochness Mobsters, The Rich Hands, Crown, DJ ProperYarn
FB Event:

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 6.13.10 PM

Saturday November 1st– HiTones
MonkeyFest 2014 on N.StMarys Strip
At HiTones w/The Beers, The Oblios, The Bolos, & Flower Jesus
DJ ProperYarn


Friday October 31st– Cafe Rev
Die Happy Productions Presents: Falloween

Tuesday October 7th– Empire Theatre
San Antonio Music Awards Celebration
Antique Sunlight, Saakred, Tides, DJ Proper Yarn

Friday October 3rd– The Korova
Channel 99 Presents:
Paul Collins, The Bolos, The Rich Hands, Dark Planes
With DJ Proper Yarn


Monday September 29th– at Cafe Revolution (531 El Paso)
Proper Yarn Presents: Gymshorts (Providence, Rhode Island), Basketball Shorts (ATX), The Oblio’s (San Antonio), and Mountain Meets Water (San Antonio). $5 Cover for bands and FREE BEER! FB Info/Event——-> HERE


Saturday September 20th– The White Rabbit
Creative Creatures Music & Arts Fest
With DJ Proper Yarn


Friday September 19th– Bottom Bracket Social Club
Austin Davis, The Rosedale Highs, Fishermen, White Elefant
With DJ ProperYarn
Free Show, 21+


Thursday September 18th– on KRTU 91.7FM, Trinity University
The Live and Local Show— With Proper Yarn
From 10pm-11pm

KRTU Overnight

Tuesday September 9th– Limelight
Channel 99 Presents: Grape Street, The Rich Hands, Islands & Tigers, & DJ ProperYarn
18+ $5 Doors at 9pm


Saturday August 23rd– Evil Olive
SATX Music Presents:
Jungle Noize, Femina-X, The Empirical Formula, and DJ ProperYarn
Doors at 9pm


Satuday August 16th– Korova
Lochness Mobsters, Fungi Girls, Those Howlings, Creatura, Crown, The Rich Hands, The Bolos, Dark Planes
Assisting via ProperYarn
9pm $5



Saturday August 2nd– Bottom Bracket Social Club
Michael J & the Foxes, Calico Club, and DJ Proper Yarn
Doors at 9pm


Friday August 1st- Limelight
The Bolos (SA), Lochness Mobsters (ATX), Creatura (SA), New Hampshire (SA), and DJ ProperYarn.


Saturday July 26th, 2014
The Bolos and the Oblios at Faust Tavern
During the North St. Mary’s Walkabout
ProperYarn will be DJing before, between, and after the sets.
Doors at 8pm FREE



Thursday July 17th, 2014– Bottom Bracket Social Club
RUBBERNECK Magazine Presents:
 Shaft City & the Ballz, Gino & the Goons, The Oblios, and Fruit Punch
. Proper Yarn will be DJing.


Wednesday July 16th, 2014– Hi Tones
SATX Music Presents: Antique Sunlight & DT Buffkin’s kickoff show w/ Garrett T. Capps & Jeremiah Birdbones
21+ Music at 9pm, FREE SHOW
Proper Yarn will be DJing between sets.


Saturday July 12th, 2014– 502 Bar
Crown record release party with Antique Sunglight, Creatura, and the Bolos
Proper Yarn DJing all night


Wednesday July 2nd, 2014
Mondo Nation Presents: Amen Dunes, Axxas/Abraxas, & Flower Jesus
Sponsored by Proper Yarn and Pabst Blue Ribbon
Free limited RSVP, $5 Door, free beer while it lasts, 8pm


Saturday June 14th, 2014
Flower Jesus at the Earn-A-Bike-Coop Grand Opening
5pm, Free, Sponsored by Proper Yarn

Flower Jesus

Thursday June 12th, 2014
Mondo Nation Presents: Snow Wite, Nu Depth, Pussywillows, Black Nail, American Swine
Sponsored by Proper Yarn and Pabst Blue Ribbon
$5 at door for all you can drink PBR
Bands at 8pm


Monday June 2nd, 2014
Mondo Nation Presents: Destruction Unit, Burnt Skull, Cannibal Bitch, and Fruit Punch.
Sponsored by Proper Yarn and Pabst Blue Ribbon
$5 at door for all you can drink PBR
Bands at 8pm


Friday May 30th, 2014
SATX Music Presents: Jean Jean, We’rewolves, Creatura, Sunrise and Ammuniton, Verisimilitude
at Hi Tones, 9pm $5
ProperYarn DJing All Night


Friday May 23rd
Fountain and Burger Records Present: The Rich Hands, The Oblios, Crown, Mount Sherpa, Parallelelephants
at Limelight 18+ $7
ProperYarn DJing all night.


Sunday May 18th, 2014
Local Music Week Kickoff
Sponsored by Local 782 and SATX Music
at HiTones 3pm Free
ProperYarn DJing all afternoon.


Sunday May 11th, 2014
Holy Wave, Creatura, The Lochness Mobsters, Mockingbird Express, The Bolos
at Hi Tones. Doors at 9pm, $3, and  21+
Proper Yarn Djing all night


Tuesday April 29th
Night Beats, Cosmonauts, Dahga Bloom, Creatura, The Oblio’s
at the Limelight. $10 Doors at 9pm
Proper Yarn DJing all night.


Monday April 28th, 2014
The Audacity, The Rich Hands, Dark Planes, and Junkie
at the Limelight. Doors at 9, $5 +18
Proper Yarn DJing all night.


Saturday April 26th, 2014
The Bolos, New Hampshire, and Sofa Kings
At Espresso Gallery 529 San Pedro
DJing with Proper Yarn all night


Friday March 28th, 2014
The Wolf, Creatura, The Rich Hands, Crown, Mockingbird Express, New Hampshire, Flower Jesus, Antique Sunglight, and Coyote Sings
at Hi Tones. Doors at 6pm $3 Presale, $5 Door


Monday March 10th, 2014
Warm Soda, The Rich Hands, Big Tits, Twin Steps, and Junkie
Doors at 8pm, All Ages, $5
Proper Yarn DJing all night.


Thursday February 13th, 2014
Dana Falconberry, Good Field, Molybden, Shiva’s Medicine Chest, and Flower Jesus
At Bottom Bracket. Free Show, doors at 9pm
ProperYarn DJing all night


Tuesday February 4th and Tuesday February 25th
The Oblio’s Residency at the Limelight
DJing with Proper Yarn


Sunday January 12th, 2014
The Zoltars, Moonwalks, Jungle Bodies, Dan LeVine
at Beerland Texas (Austin) 9pm
ProperYarn DJing all night.


Saturday December 21st, 2013
Ghost Police, Slopoke, Killer Kill, The Oblios
at Limelight 9pm $5
ProperYarn DJing all night.


Saturday December 7th, 2013
Big Eyes (Seattle), Flesh Lights (ATX), Ghost Police (SA), and The Oblio’s (SA)
DJing with Proper Yarn all night.
Doors at 9, all ages $5

Big Eyes

Friday November 1st, 2013
Peach Kelli Pop, The Rich Hands, and Flower Jesus
at Limelight $5 9pm
Proper Yarn DJing all night


Friday October 18th, 2013
Mondo Nation Presents: Flower Jesus, New Hampshire, Moonwalks, Jeremiah Birdbones
at Limelight $3 9pm
ProperYarn DJing all night


Monday October 14th, 2013
Burger Records Presents
Cosmonauts, Together Pangea, Gap Dream, Curtis Harding, The Rich Hands
at the Limelight
ProperYarn DJing all night.


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